The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Love the execution and the direction, felt the movie would have definitely benefited from being a mini series though, the different plotlines and characters are all handled really well and it’s all really tightly plotted, every character has such an interesting arc, and I love how  it all converges and Intersects with eachother, just felt it’s oddly paced, and the narrative was really messy.

The gritty and rawness of it is definitely felt through the cinematography and visuals, aswell as the way characters are portrayed, religious figures and people who abuse their power, twisting words around so it can fit their ideals, and whatever wrongs they decide to do, morally ambiguous characters with dark pasts, there’s something truly unsettling and terrifying about it all, I found myself really uncomfortable during some scenes, and it’s all constructed wonderfully.

All the performances are really strong, I found everyone was able to really bring something interesting and unique to their roles, Holland really stands out in this and really surprised me, Robert Pattinson, Harry melling, and Bill Skarsgård are all able to make a scene so uncomfortable, and the 3 of them portray their characters in such a creepy and terrifying way, while also making them feel like real people. I do wish we got to see more of some of the characters though.

One thing I like is how so much of the intersecting stories connect with each other, and it all ties up  so neatly in the end, the writing is really clever, and so many great moments, I also really liked the usage of narration it really gave the movie a cool feel.

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