Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

Looks like I’m squarely in the Scream-2-is-better camp. While this lacked the hang-out vibes of the original, while its Ghostface was a disappointing downgrade from the campy manic energy of Billy and Stu, I felt this was better than the first in nearly every way. A Wes Craven victory lap, flaunting a boosted budget through its larger scope and broader plot, flexing a genre prowess with more elaborate and intense set-pieces.

Our favorite Woodsboro survivors enjoy much more compelling arcs, while the story smartly embraces the fallout and media fame of the first film’s murder spree. Was surprised to find the meta angle both toned down and better contextualized, but was not surprised to watch Craven once again deliver sublime slasher suspense. The characters namedropping Aliens and T2 should say everything about Scream 2’s bigger, more spectacular sequel thrills.

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