Us ★★★★½

The ominous first act and unnatural home invasion of Us’ first hour is a beauty of nervy rollicking suspense: a relentless drip-feed of sly payoffs fueling snowballing set-pieces, that in retrospect most reminded me of Craven. The friend’s house section loses a bit of that tightness (yet never that set-piece rhythm; Peele’s direction slaps), but the final confrontation was just as haunting as I remembered. Lupita Nyong'o’s chameleonic powerhouse performance is one of 2010s horror’s best and seems completely unsung only three years later.

This isn’t as precisely economical or airtight as Get Out, trading disturbing dread for monster-movie horror-thrills, but Us is a major refinement of Peele’s crowdpleasing craftsmanship that - going by reviews at least - acts as the bridge between his debut and Nope’s blockbuster ambitions.

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