Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★★

A wild beast of Italian exploitation, thankfully one that could never get made today due to its wanton animal cruelty, but also one that would never get made today: a single midnight of Euro-city chaos as an ark’s worth of PCP-crazed animals unleash gory havoc upon an unsuspecting concrete jungle. Eaten alive by rats. Crushed by elephants. Tiger on the subway. Polar bear at school. And that’s only some of Wild Beasts’ relentlessly unhinged animal-attack sequences, all thinly linked through perfunctory human interactions and attempts at subtext that’s wholly engulfed by Prosperi’s trashy eco-splatter bedlam. A movie to love, hate, be in awe of and disgusted by, from grisly start to its silly shocker of a non-ending.

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