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  • Weathering with You

    Weathering with You


  • Parasite


    I don't want to seem over dramatic or anything but this film made me hate myself I felt so fake and horrible for the last half of the movie. I felt so unsettled and suicidal while watching, I had to pause the movie and walk away from it for about a minute or so because this movie made me go “fuck, this is so fucked”.  This movie deserved all the awards it got and it really is something else I don't know If I’d call it a master piece because I’m not that well educated when it comes to films but I recommend it highly.

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  • Christopher Robin

    Christopher Robin

    For the most part I enjoyed the movie and it made me feel the emotion as well, like Christopher Robin realizing the importance of family and how he lost his childlike imagination.  I felt comfort watching this movie. The last 30 minutes were lacking and some of the wording I guess was overly silly but that’s to be expected from a kids movie.

  • Fantastic Planet

    Fantastic Planet

    It was something else. It was my first foreign film that I’ve watched, I felt uneasy watching the film but I enjoyed it overall. I’m going to start watching more foreign films.