i live in this spooky old house, and it's even spookier when i'm practicing my sexual candlelight ritual, which sometimes goes on for hours

Favorite films

  • Raisins Sold Out: The California Raisins II
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • The Holy Mountain
  • Dr. Caligari

Recent activity

  • Cursed Woods

  • Simonetti Horror Project

  • People Who Do Noise


  • Blood Lake

Recent reviews

  • Kooky


    this is something i needed to see right now. many of the same approaches to puppetry i'm using in my current work have been wielded here to create something so adorable, with so much heart, sensitivity of vision for its imaginal world, and dilapidated magic that only puppetry is uniquely capable of realizing that i watched it all through tears. very inspiring and i love it.

  • Fun in Balloon Land

    Fun in Balloon Land

    fun in balloon land is one of my favorite videos in town. it is love and light. it is a wonder. when i view it i am in my special little place.

    here is a supplementary article i also love, about a 1973 holiday parade put on by the company responsible for balloon land, giant balloon parades, inc.

    tldr "Grant Street and East Buchtel Avenue looked like a mass grave of half-inflated characters"

    Misfit balloons rained on Akron’s holiday parade…

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