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  • The Miracle Worker

    The Miracle Worker


    incredible. overwhelmingly histrionic, almost milliganesque crust of facade in its hoarse bitterness of pill. much of this plays as abstracted performance art exorcism. shadow puppet theater from hell. patty duke is a butoh dancer in a gothic three stooges routine. the real nauman clown torture. cinema as the human nervous system replaced by rat chewn tunnels. “why my brother jimmy and i used to play with the rats because we didn’t have toys.” not photographed – sand animation made of…

  • Night of Horror

    Night of Horror


    psa: this will still be considered not a movie by 99.9999999% of those who would even bother checking it out but based on a lot of the reviews here and screenshots on blogs everyone is watching terrible vhs copies, and as much as i love my smeary piles of goo, in this case i can’t underline enough that it really is a completely different experience than i had with what appeared to be a pristine blu ray(?) transfer. if you…

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  • Extra Terrestrian: Die Außerirdische

    Extra Terrestrian: Die Außerirdische


    big thank you to the letterboxd team for approving my submission of “e.t.: the vagina” at long last. you’re welcome, letterboxd community! the collective exhale is palpable and i am among ye exhalers. today marks the dawning of a great new chapter for letter boxing, thank u team.

  • The Manipulator

    The Manipulator


    new favorite movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was sure there was no way this could live up to that glorious cover art. wow was i so wrong. it's even better than that! mickey rooney is a deranged “movie director” in a rubber nose and pirate hat, whispering to / screaming at / director-ing mannequin parts and phantoms of his own mind in a musty, fetid, cobweb and MEAT strewn weird old prop room, suffering strobing, slow mo / fisheye butoh / baby holding…