Mr. Popper's Penguins ★★★★½

Jim Carey. You either love him or you hate him. I always find him very watchable but when he is teamed up with 6 Gentoo Penguins with very different personalities, comedy gold is guaranteed. It's the story of a businessman who though very successful, has lost his way in his personal life. Given the gift of 6 penguins by his deceased but when living largely absent father, he begins to learn a lesson or two and find his way back to his family.

Love this film so much. It has humour, it has heart, it has perfect P.A. Pippi, but most of all, it has penguins.

Popper: Pippi, produce a perturbance!
Pippi: (Fainting) I've been pricked by a porcupine.
Guard: Where?
Pippi: On my posterior.
Guard: What's a posterior.