Persona ★★★★★

People often exaggerate and call things "THE BEST FILM EVER MADE". However, when talking about "Persona" such claims might not be too far-fetched. This film really earned its status.

I don't even know where to start when writing about "Persona".
It is "real" in a sense that the characters portrayed are real. Their words are real and their actions. Their reactions are real and they have minds of their own.
It is "surreal" in that it surpasses reality and substitutes it with something different. The house at the sea the two women inhabit is a room with unreal qualities. Only in there the two persons can merge into a single being. The whole film is a glass bottle, a terrarium, a lightbulb with a stage inside.

If there are films that make you want to go from door to door and ask people "Have you seen this film? Do you want to talk about 'Persona' with me?", then this one would definitely make it onto that list.