3 Men and a Baby ★½

Honestly if I made it through without turning it off it couldn’t have been that bad. On the other hand, a premise of a drug heist in the middle of the movie was dumb. I do have to comment that literally showing feeding a baby, changing a diaper was very visible and perhaps shown more than I was expecting. Props for that.

Let’s be real here. Three men in an apartment that looks like that? And they wear clothes like that? And they paint a mural like that? And show insane amounts of chest hair and/or legs? A pornstache? This all seems pretty dang gay to me. This film is a campy movie when it boils down to it.

I’m impressed it was the highest grossing US film for 1987? It must have been a slow year... oh wait there was Fatal Attraction and so many other films.

Yes — Give me Tom Selleck any day.

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