King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

I'm in the process of buying my first house at the moment, and obviously - obviously - the first thing I've bought in advance of the move is a projector. Bed? Sofa? Washing machine? Fridge? I still need to get all of those things. But I have the projector NOW. This is called "being a sensible adult and also knowing all about priorities and how to spend money on things that matter". I think.

Anyway, since I've set it up in a slightly haphazard manner in my current flat and pointed it at a vaguely suitable wall, I had to decide on the perfect film to try it out for the first time. King Kong seemed like a pretty perfect choice! 100 minutes of dinosaurs, giant apes and archaic human stereotypes rambling around on my wall confirmed that it was the BEST choice.

While not everything about King Kong has aged terribly well, the actual adventure is still full of thrills and glorious stop motion effects, and Fay Wray is terrific. It may not have the most sensitive portrayal of race or gender politics, but at least those elements are offensive in a sort of quaint way, like hearing your grandmother swear. I'll admit to a guilty laugh at Ann's surprise when Jack declares his love for her: "but Jack... you hate women!"

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