Paprika ★★★½

I can see why Paprika has a bunch of glowing, five-star reviews on here. While it didn't fully work for me, most of the complaints I had with it could actually be seen as compliments. The dream logic that applies throughout the plot, which I found slightly frustrating, is also the key that allows the film to unlock some of its greatest strengths, notably the unhinged, wildly creative visuals.

While there's some extremely clever character development over the course of Paprika's running time, the loopy, disorienting way in which the story is told left me struggling to connect to it, even while I had to admit that the method of storytelling is completely suited to the plot; it's a tricky one, and I could possibly see myself warming to it on a rewatch, but at the same time the feeling I had when the credits rolled was that I'd just spent 90 minutes listening to somebody else telling me about a dream that was much more interesting to them than it was to anyone else. The gloriously strange visual assault kept me entertained, but I'd love to see that wild animation tied to a stronger plot.

Le Voyage Dans La June

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