The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Another killer crime comedy from Shane Black, with some great lines - Ryan Gosling's quip about Omar Sharif is going to stick with me for a while - a great retro setting (and soundtrack) and a ridiculous amount of collateral damage. Has any other film had more background characters being accidentally killed? Each time it happened, I winced but laughed at the same time; it's a tricky thing to make senseless violence funny rather than cruel, but Black somehow pulls it off.

I've never been a fan of Russell Crowe but he's excellent here, with both his and Gosling's characters being sad and broken enough to make them oddly likeable even when they're behaving reprehensibly (which is, more or less, constantly). Gosling's disembodied conscience (in the form of his daughter) also gets some nice moments, and is a smart young character that stays the right side of annoying.

As an added bonus, the little old cinema that I saw this in last night played it SO loud that the car crash early on nearly gave me a heart attack and the girl sat two seats down audibly gasped every time a plot detail was revealed. And to think some places make you pay extra for the 4D experience!