The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★★½

Screened with live accompaniment from Minima (

I think this is the first non-comedy silent film I've ever seen, which is a bit shameful (EDIT: Not quite - I forgot about Battleship Potemkin). I thought it was wonderful - creepy and atmospheric, with some great sets and excellent use of tinted colour. Lon Chaney is great as the somewhat sympathetic 'monster', and Norman Kerry has a badass moustache.

The live score really raised this up to absurdly good levels though, I've never seen Minima before but they appear to be a band that only does live soundtracks, and on this basis I'm determined to see them do other films. They're a two-guitar / drums / cello group who mix in post-rock and avant-garde influences (as well as traditional soundtrack stuff) and it synced up with the film ridiculously well - I was blown away.

Derby Film Festival - Day Three

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