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  • Devi



    Satyajit Ray made "Devi" in 1960. It was only his sixth film after completing his 'Apu Trilogy' and "The Music Room" but it's much less well-known and little seen today. It's also a masterpiece. The great Chhabi Biswas, (he of "The Music Room"), once again plays a rich, lonely old man who comes to believe his daughter-in-law is a reincarnation of the Goddess Kali. If the tale is a fanciful one it's grounded in the harsh realities of the India…

  • Jerichow



    Yet another variation on "The Postman Always Rings Twice". "Jerichow" is a Christian Petzold film so you know it's going to be a more esoteric, slightly off-the-wall thriller. Petzold is not a conventional director even if his plots tend to be. Thomas, (a taciturn Benno Furmann), a dishonourably discharged Afghanistan veteran, needs a job so after doing a favour for drunken businessman Hilmi Sozer, he ends up working for him and his beautiful, unhappy wife so you can imagine what…

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  • '71



    In 1971 I was living on the fringes of Derry's Bogside. On several occasions my home was 'collateral damage' in a number of bombings and I remember lying on the floor of my bedroom in case I might fall victim to a stray bullet from one of the gun-battles raging outside. I drank in pubs that would be bombed in time and I was on the march on Bloody Sunday. Things were bad in Derry in 1971 but they were…

  • Il Posto

    Il Posto


    Ermanno Olmi's IL POSTO is one of the masterpieces of Italian cinema. It is simplicity itself. A boy from the suburbs gets an office job with a large company in Milan. The work is menial and it hardly represents his life's ambition but in the passing of time he realises this might be as good as it gets. Of all Italian directors perhaps none was as good as observing the minutae of everyday life as Olmi and few could find…