Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★

Err, yeah, this is one of those times when I find myself calling humbug on something that everyone else seems to love, and I hate doing that because if you love this then great.

I don't have much to say. It's OK, I think I just had expectations set way too high. It seems like an incredibly thin excuse for a plot. Like, assuming this started with someone at the pub saying

- "Hey, what if we made a movie about a wedding day where the groom's family all end up trying to kill the bride because... I don't know, Satanism or something. Oh, but the family is super rich, so we're making a comment on how the rich prey on the not-so-rich"
- "OK, great! Right, so how can we flesh this out...?"
- "No, that's it, really. We'll just throw a few jokes in and try and make it look real nice."
- "... OK, sure, why not!"

And for the record, that's fine. But I was just waiting for the story to... do something. Something novel or surprising or fresh. Not that it has to be, but I don't find this premise particularly novel - it feels like there've been quite a few movies like this, between stuff like Mayhem (also starring Weaving), The Hunt and even You're Next.

Anyway, it's OK - it's fine. Everyone in the cast does a good job and it's nicely put together. There's just not much to it, and I'm a little surprised how much everyone loves it. Subjectivity, huh? It's a bitch.

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