Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

There’s definitely a rushed quality to Scream 2, which is not surprising given at what a breakneck pace the crew had to work in order to get it out in time for the studio to cash in on the success of Scream. You mainly feel it in the script – it’s just a teensy bit too similar to the first movie for comfort, but that’s a hell of a tightrope to walk, because no doubt the same thing again is exactly what Miramax wanted.

Despite all that, I still think this is a hell of a good time. The set-up is a little creaky – and that opening sequence doesn’t hold a candle to the original bit with Drew Barrymore – but once this hits its stride, it really is a blast. The whole meta, self-referential thing is toned down a little this time around, I think wisely. There’s another bit of dialogue from Jamie Kennedy talking about sequel tropes, but that’s about it.

Shout out for the scene in the cop car, where they crash into the building site and the cop gets a metal pole through his face – possibly the most brutal kill in the whole series up to this point. And the next sequence where the girls have to climb over the killer is just great – super tense, even if it’s beyond idiotic that neither of them bash the killer over the head with a brick or something once they’re out. Honestly, if the psycho killer chasing me becomes incapacitated for a minute, I am killing that fucker somehow – there would be no hesitation (but then I’m stone-cold that way, baby).

The cast is pretty mind-boggling. With the addition of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jerry O’Connell, it feels like every single teen acting celebrity from the 90’s is in this movie – it’s ridiculous. There’s enough distance now that that adds a whole extra layer of fun to it. Liev Schreiber kind of steals the movie as publicity-craving Cotton Weary (although, come on Williamson, what kind of a fucking character name is that?!) And the comic highlight of the film is Luke Wilson’s impression of Skeet Ullrich in Stab (oh yeah, I forgot about that whole level of meta – it feels fresh though, I liked that whole aspect of the movie of what happened last time).

Yeah, still really like this one. It’s not as brilliant as the first movie but it’s so much fun anyway.

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