The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

‘But, is this life reality? No. It is a film. Zoom back camera! We are images, dreams, photographs. We must not stay here! Prisoners! We shall break the illusion! This is Maya. Goodbye to ‘The Holy Mountain’. Real life awaits us...’

Those are the final words in Ālexānoro Jodorwsky’s 1973 masterpiece, The Holy Mountain. This movie is an absolute cult phenomenon, and for good fucking reason. I love this movie to the day I die and no one will ever convince me that I’m wrong by saying that. 

Easily the best looking movie ever made, and the camera quality is so clean and so polished, especially for 1973. Granted, since this is such a notoriously beautiful movie people have probably wanted to make the camera quality better, but come on. 

When ‘The Christ-Like Figure’ entires the massive building thing, he goes through the most beautiful of beautiful tunnels to get to The Alchemist, played by Jodorwsky himself. Which, by the way, gives an almost unspokenly great performance. 

The fight just when he meets The Alchemist is honestly really well done, especially choreography-wise. The whole movie could be hung up, especially the scene before he goes into the spinning room of all the ‘planet representatives’ people. 

The point is, Ālexānoro Jodorwsky’s 1973 masterpiece ‘The Holy Mountain’ may not be for everyone, and some will definitely hate it; but if you look beyond the violence, you see true art and natural crossed with artifical art such you could only find in a religious film made in the 70s.

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