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  • The Gospel According to Matthew
  • Stranger Than Paradise
  • Arabian Nights
  • Detective

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  • Lonely Are the Brave


  • Bigger Than Life


  • A Better Tomorrow II


  • 7 Men from Now


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  • Dementia



    Dementia: Questioning Reality

    Dreams have been a topic of interest in literature, psychology, movies, and art. The reason is when someone is working with dreams, they're free from the restraints of reality. The absence of reality creates a more forgiving environment. An environment where even the simplest rule of physics and common sense just seems irrelevant. However, there are guidelines to working with dreams, one specific rule: One must wake up from his dream.

    The Innocents is a film which…

  • Beijing Bastards

    Beijing Bastards


    We all just do whatever we feel like. We're all social outsiders.

    Beijing Bastards : An Elegy for Wasted Youth

    Beijing Bastards is a portrait of Chinese youth made by Chinese youth, it explores the lives of a rockstar who searches for his pregnant girlfriend, the film conveys feelings of alienation throughout the duration of 90 minutes, Beijing itself is a bastard as much as any character with its sleazy apartments and crowded streets, it's the perfect setting for alienation,…

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  • Opening Night

    Opening Night


    For each modern masterpiece there's a vintage rival, for La La Land you have West Side Story, For Birdman I'd say that you have Opening Night.

  • Weekend



    It Was Not Marx, Another Communist said that, Jesus did.
    Thus, I am God.
    I am God because I'm Lazy.
    هل انهار عالمك من قبل؟
    و شعرت ان الكون متآمر ضدك، ليس لسبب محدد و لكن لا يجري شيئاً كما هو مطلوب.
    عادة لأ اميل للعدمية او العبثية، لكن لا أخجل ان اعلن ان " جان لوك جودار " هو العدمي المفضل بالنسبة لي و الفوضوي المفضل بالنسبة لي، مشاهدة فيلم لجودار ترن بعض الاجراس في ذاكرتي، يشعرني جودار بأني…