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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    Tarantino's unparralleled wit, utterly hilarious performances by Travolta and Jackson, and an absolutely gripping non-linear storyline make for an unforgettable cinema experience.

  • American History X

    American History X


    This film left me very disappointed as I was looking forward to it's story and had heard many good things about it. However, the movie is simply not believable. A movie dealing with real issues needs to be, I don't know, more realistic. Great acting, decent camera work, but terrible script.

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  • Black Mirror: Metalhead

    Black Mirror: Metalhead


    Maxine Peake's almost solo performance as Bella is excellent, and what she was looking for or why is never really relevant. What is relevant is her fear and determination. We know nothing about her, but we feel the tension and desperation. While some episodes of Black Mirror feel like I only observe the characters, with Metalhead I was there with Bella in the desolate unknown countryside, invested in her plight.

  • Black Mirror: White Bear

    Black Mirror: White Bear


    So much food for thought with this episode. Easily one that can be debated on both sides whether the punishment fits the crime or if it is inhumane.