Mamma Mia! ★★★★★

i remember watching this for the very first time when i was like 10 (ish?). i had traveled with my friend and her parents; we had gone to their beach house a few hours away from the city we (still) live in to spend a week there (it was the first time i had spent so long away from my parents) and GOD i remember having such a good time!!!!! we watched it on the second (?) night and we spent the rest of the trip solely listening to the movie's soundtrack (since she >>>gladly<<< owned the cd).
and, well, here we are. circa 6 years later. and mamma mia! didn't fail at all in making me, for a little over an hour and forty minutes, forget about all of the world's and my problems, have a thousand of laughs, get emotional during the dancing queen scene and have a FUCKING GREAT TIME.
i just really love this film and how it manages to make every single spectator happy – even if you try, its impossible to not be contaminated with the joy and the passion mamma mia! exudes.
the soundtrack, the plot, the characters, the atmosphere, the choreography..........everything just feels like it wraps its arms around you and whispers in your ear "c'mon, let's have fun!!!!!!" and i just ADOOOOORE THAT

some movies make you think about them for an eternity. some movies fuck your head up. some movies have you completely dehydrated by the end. some movies are stupid. some movies make you wish you could find star-crossed lover the day after.
mamma mia! is that movie that makes life feel worth living; it shows its audience that yes, happiness exists, and it can be found in every abba song.

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