Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★


”The name's Plissken!”

Another absolute classic from Carpenter and I’m not even the slightest bit shocked. Through each and every one of the films that I’ve seen from Carpenter so far, he’s had this complete control over creating such exciting and brilliant moments that leave you just in awe at what’s unfolding here. While I think his horror films have had a better lasting effect on me; there’s no doubt that the exact same mechanics that he infused in them are here as well. It’s like every time I watch a film from him I’m expecting something great and he impresses me in new and exciting ways.

I think the idea of creating this world and setting it up to actually be the real focus and main character is such an intriguing and sturdy way to fill the rest of the film out. Snake is the character that you follow through his mission, but he’s a new thing experiencing this city for the first time and watching his reactions and struggles creates the film to be as good as it is. Plus, the production design and technological masterwork in building up this city helps really make it all flow so well together. Even the other supporting roles don’t technically have all that much to do, but what they do creates an interesting film.

I really loved this and man I just wish Carpenter could put out this kind of stuff nowadays. Heck, it doesn’t need to be Carpenter, but anyone that can create such a thrilling action film with the perfect world-building and characters to fill that world is needed. Escape from New York is a certified classic and I really wish I saw this sooner. It wasn’t intentional to wait this long, but man I should never doubt the absolute king. The 80s output from John Carpenter has to go down as one of the best *decades* in a directors filmography to date; solid in every single way.

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