Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★


"Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That's the only way to become what you are meant to be."

One of, if not the, most intriguing, immensely thematic, and honestly just down right beautiful in every sense of the word, films of the Star Wars saga, Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the finest films of the year, and in general, just because of the fact that it doesn't go easy; it takes everything you know and changes your whole ideology about it, and I admire that so very much.

Two years ago, when J.J. Abrams brought Star Wars back into our lives with his masterfully done The Force Awakens, the first film in the saga that hit very close to home, I was all ready for the new trilogy and to be a full blown fanboy every new release. Then, Rian Johnson got hired and being a huge fan of his other films I was on board all the way; as soon as I got out of the theater for The Last Jedi I was surprised and disappointed in so many ways.

The one sure thing I can say about Johnson's directing ability is that he has such a grasp on what he wants and how he wants it down. He's confident, and it shows in each and every scene. There's this passion you can feel in the film and you can feel in each character that passion and I love that. I can also say in confidence that this is one of the most visually beautiful films of the year; each space battle and each landscape oozes beauty and that special "Star Wars" aura that I love so much.

Also written by Johnson, The Last Jedi offers something that no other film in the saga has really accomplished to perfection, in my opinion; humanity. What I mean is that Johnson literally shows our greatest hero, Luke, that he's a flawed character. Especially in Kylo Ren, a complex character that has second thoughts about his own path. Even in Rey, he shows the conflicting balance between good/evil and it goes throughout the whole film and it's the best part. There are some scenes that I would cut out or replace given the shaky way it was spliced into the film, but honestly they don't effect the film *that* much for me.

The performances are really what make The Last Jedi masterful. Adam Driver is the MVP here and there is no doubt that Kylo Ren go down as one of the finest villains of all time. Like I stated above, he's a real person, he is a conflict in his own right; he literally has so much depth and Driver portrayed it perfectly. Daisy Ridley is also very very good here. She evolved from that innocent character to a real badass hero with a lot of stuff happening that works so well; both her and Drivers dynamic worked wonders for me. Mark Hamill is under appreciated, he literally took everyone's childhood hero and turned him against them and Hamill's performance absolutely killed it. I think I'm edging more to Poe than Finn this time around but they were both really good.

It seems like the recent continuations of the Star Wars saga are all for me. So far with three home runs, and I'm sure more on the way, it looks like I'll be happy. Honestly, Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi didn't go the way I thought it would in some aspects but I loved what it did in general and while there were some things I would change, the film absolutely kicked ass; especially that lightsaber battle involving Rey and Kylo, more of that please.

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