• Silence




    ”The price for your glory is their suffering!”

    Although I found myself mesmerized by the sheer force of will and beauty that many Martin Scorsese puts into each and every one of his films, as I was watching this passion project I felt as though I wasn’t grasping the entire thing. I let the film sit with me and I found myself not really changing much on my original lackluster reaction to it. Despite finding it a beautiful and…

  • Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Beyond



    ”You really want to head back out there, huh?”

    A much needed rejuvenation for this iteration of these characters because after Abrams turn at the sequel it didn’t quite live up to what was done so well during the first film. A big part to what makes this feel like it has so much more life and energy to it was bringing in director Justin Lin to helm it all and he really doesn’t hold any punches back. After…

  • Annapolis




    ”Couple kids decided last minute they'd rather have fun at college.”

    Pretty shocked at how not so terrible the film was given that everything was telling me it would be. Even though it actually is pretty generic, predictable, & overall honestly just not that surprising, I couldn’t help but enjoy it for what it was. James Franco & Jordana Brewster were both equally fine and even thought their romance isn’t all that believable, kinda nice that it doesn’t take up the…

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel



    ”I say before all of you, I spoke the truth!”

    I was originally going to start the review talking about and going through my thoughts on the discourse and “problems” that certain people had with the film or what it was trying to say in relation to what happened and all of that; then, I realized that if someone can’t tell what is really happening and doesn’t even believe when Scott himself tells what’s real and the reason for…

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man



    ”Strange things happen to men when they smell that much cash”

    If Guy Ritchie is just gonna go full non-stop making solid action films and releasing every year like he has with his last two efforts, and his third in this category coming out soon, then there’s a lot more to love about him than before. Not only does Wrath of Man give us the distinct style and crime schemes that he has done so very well with over…

  • Nobody




    ”Everybody dies... some sooner than others.”

    Even if the comparisons and interesting notions of its similarities to the John Wick series of films - same writer! - I think what makes this film so differently is how much of a more unrefined protagonist Hutch is. Not only does he he fight and kill in a much more raw way, his actual purpose of fighting just to fight I found so great. Letting him loose on this Russian mob and…

  • The King's Man

    The King's Man



    ”I know you want to fight, but there are other ways of doing your duty.”

    Genuinely just a film that is all over the place. Structurally, aesthetically, & visually a mess with nothing really holding it at all together to make something of excitement. Matthew Vaughn’s success with the very first film was done solely because he found a way to craft an exciting spy film and interesting narrative while simultaneously merging his love for making things completely absurd. I…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections



    “I still know Kung Fu.”

    After having the pleasure of visiting the original trilogy of films for the very first time (yes, even the first one I had never seen before this year) and falling madly in love with the first film and being fairly entertained by the next two, this was an eagerly anticipated film for me. I wasn’t quite sure how to react because I hadn’t been attached to this series for that long so my feelings…

  • Dune




    ”We are House Atreides. There is no call we do not answer. There is no faith that we betray. The Emperor asks us to bring peace to Arrakis. House Atreides accepts!”

    Mesmerizing in every aspect of the word. A total space epic that director Denis Villeneuve puts his entire heart and soul into that crafts one of the finest films of the new decade. Not once does the film feel as if there isn’t a need to capture your…

  • Little Women

    Little Women



    Once again just completely impressed at how everything comes together so smoothly here. Greta Gerwig, after only just two films under her belt, is already one of the finest living directors that we have. Not only does she craft the film with as much love and passion as it deserves, her direction of character and relationships are just breathtaking. Wholeheartedly believe this should have sweep most of the oscars; specifically Ronan, Pugh, and Gerwig for adapted screenplay. An absolute heartwarming and wrenching film all the same that never falls.

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  • Quantum of Solace

    Quantum of Solace



    ”They say you're judged by the strength of your enemies.”

    Although the first outing into Daniel Craig’s era of James Bond basically reinvented the entire way that these films can be, Marc Forster’s sequel Quantum of Solace feels like it goes the complete opposite direction of that. Not that the two films are so distinctly different in their relationship with each other, but the core theme of them seems at odds. Where as Casino Royale felt like a very…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza



    ”You shiny, gold, tall, inexpensive prick!”

    I really couldn’t decide on how my I was feeling towards the film until I had slept on it. I don’t know if I really understand how I’m feeling towards Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest feature but I definitely feel like it’s right at home both among his filmography and that of my three and a half star ratings. Maybe my expectations were something else or maybe it really just didn’t hit me where…