Prey ★★★★★

The best Predator film since the original. Like, wow did this film redeem the Predator name so hard after the farce of the 4th film.

Director Dan Tratchenberg and writer Patrick Aison take the simple and wise idea of doing a Predator movie set in the past and run full speed ahead with it.

Amber Midthunder is especially excellent as the lead character Naru with the supporting cast not too far behind but Midthunder is somebody to pay attention to in the near future as she proved to be a great actress and engaging playing the leading character Naru.

The script is very intelligent with its execution and no slouch in the cinematography department either. And it even adds to the lore without doing what the 4th film, there's even a nice Easter egg to the second film.

And the kills? Ultimate chef's kiss!

It's one of the best films of 2022. Highly recommended!

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