Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★

Don't Breathe is reminiscent of Fede Alvarez's previous work, in both the good ways, and the bad ways. It's legitimately tense for most of the runtime, and this is largely do in part to Alvarez's ability as a filmmaker. He knows how to work within the confines of small spaces, and he consistently thinks of clever, and new ways to reuse the same location. The film is also tightly paced, flowing from scene to scene, with little drag in-between.

Similar to Evil Dead, the opening act is the least interesting, and once again, the characters aren't very well developed. We care just ever so slightly enough to want to see them carry onto the next intense situation. The one added frustrating bit to the film involves a spoiler, so I won't give it away here. All I will say is that it stretched a great deal of credibility, and it felt like it was part of the wrong movie.

It is certainly worth a watch, especially with a crowd. Seeing it in a dark room with a large audience only adds to the adrenaline rush that is Don't Breathe. Just don't expect a great deal of depth.

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