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  • 10 Minutes Gone

    10 Minutes Gone


    10 minutes gone

    Michael Chiklis
    Bruce Willis
    Meadow Williams

    Bruce Willis is orchestrating a bank robbery from his safe house.
    Michael Chiklis and his crew are on the ground robbing the bank.

    The alarm goes off, Chiklis and his brother escape with a metal suitcase that Willis wants.

    Outside of the bank, Chiklis is knocked unconscious and his brother is shot dead and the case is stolen.

    Chiklis then tries to piece together the 10 minutes of missing…

  • Crawl




    Kaya Scodalerio / Haley
    Barry Pepper / The dad

    There is a hurricane blowing down on the bayou, the banks have burst and the town is flooded and the gators are swimming down the main street, oh dear!

    Haley decides to visit her dad during the hurricane and ends up trapped in the basement of his house with him as it begins to flood.

    That doesnt seem too bad?
    unfortunately for them it is, because two big…

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  • Jaws



    The year was 1975 and I was 12 years old and standing in a cinema queu that stretched a good 300 yards from the theatre doors and down the street. the anticipation for this movie was at fever pitch. the press had done their work well and had promoted this phenomenon perfectly.
    I had mulled over bloody stills from the film in mags like, Fangoria and Monster Mag for months. eventually I shuffled through the doors, found my seat and…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Its been a long 2 years after,' Man of Steel' my favourite incarnation of Superman, ever!

    Now we have, 'Batman V Superman; Dawn of Justice.'

    My verdict and thoughts on it.

    So straight off the bat, (see what I did there?) this is predominantly a Batman movie with Superman as a special starring guest.

    We get more Bat screen time. more insight into the driving force of Bruce Wayne/Batman, and more character development as well.

    Superman makes his queued appearances…