The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★

Set in a back drop of 1977 with terrible disco music and bold prime colours, 'The Nice Guys' are 2 down on their luck P.I's. one with a penchant for violence and the other ,quite frankly an accident prone idiot are thrown together on the trail of a missing porn star, the D.A's missing daughter, a missing porn movie reel which holds sensitive information and car pollution!

Chaos, outbursts of violence and hap hazard accidents abound as our hapless duo stumble about from one clue to the next trying to piece together the mystery.

Both Crowe and Gosling give good performances and bounce off one another quite well. there are a few chuckles along the way and some violent action from thuggish Crowe.
An OK movie that will keep you watching to its crazy end.

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