Dunkirk ★★★★½

2017 Ranked

Something clicked with me this time that did not click with me on previous watches. I'm not sure what it is, but as of now, I love this film. The direction, the music, the technicals.....all are masterful. The opening scene is literally one of the most well directed scenes I've ever seen in cinema.

I also recognized the greatness of Fionn Whitehead's performance this time around. It is truly a strong performance driven by subtlety. His facial reactions in the opening scene are really on point.

While I do not think that Dunkirk is as worthy of winning Best Picture as much as fellow nominee Guillermo del Toro's fantasy masterpiece The Shape of WaterDunkirk still would make a very worthy pick, and if it does somehow win, I would be very ok with that.

Oh, and can we please stop calling Christopher Nolan an overrated filmmaker? He's not overrated, but instead a genius.

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