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  • Burning
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  • Nightcrawler
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  • Knock at the Cabin


  • John Wick


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  • House on Haunted Hill

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  • Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    If you came for gory kills, you came to the wrong Cabin. If you came for a thought-provoking, existentially horrifying, biblically charged psychological thriller, you came to the right one.

    M. Night subverts the typical home-invasion sub-genre, and in doing so he brings a whole new level of terror and ingenuity to it. "Knock At The Cabin" is driven by interactions, good old bone-chilling conversation, and a towering lead performance from Bautista.

    These killers aren't pyscopaths. They don't get enjoyment…

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    The first installment in the ultimate action blockbuster franchise is a neon drenched, gun-toting revenge tale that kicks all manor of ass in the most stylish, and brutal ways possible. It's the very rare blockbuster that fires from all cylinders. It's gorgeous to look at. The story is engaging. The action is incredible.

    Every fight sequence has a high intensity, and they're all choreographed to perfection. You feel every punch, and you count every headshot - 49 by the way,…

Popular reviews

  • Babylon



    A dizzying descent into the chaotic depths of vintage Hollywood, "Babylon" is the cirque du freak of every magnum movie opus, where Chazelle takes his viewers behind the scenes and schemes of filmmaking, blurring the lines between the love we have for the magic of movies and the frustration in what it actually requires to make it BIG in the industry - and stay there.

    It's a whirlwind of unrelenting debauchery. A nauseating high-wire act that balances the entire weight…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Nightmarish, gritty, & irrevocably scarred, just like the city he protects, "The Batman" is a brooding force of vengeance, pain, and anger!

    A dark, detective noir, that remarkably pays homage to the films that paved the way for The Riddler's inventive and bleak character arc. And it does so in a way that's respectful to the films it honours, all while staying completely original, only drawing from such film lore in order to expand and revitalise the formula. There are no…