Lamb ★★½

"Lamb" would of been a good 15 minute short, but unfortunately the lack of just about everything makes the 107 minute runtime practically unbearable to sit through. First thing's first, I have not been this bored watching a film in a very long time. I lost track of the amount of times I checked my phone. Eek!

It tries so hard to be unique and strange that it fails to be much of anything at all. The first 30 minutes bank on the "big reveal," but unfortunately that's already been spoiled by A24's poor marketing and distribution of this film. I love A24, and you'll rarely ever find me complaining, but they were dropping spoilers before it had even been released in most countries outside of the US. They were even dropping merch for the clothes from the film before its release with a rather "peculiar" model. Lmao. So basically, if you have any sort of life on social media or you keep up with A24 like I do, chances are, you already know what the "big reveal" is. So, the first 30 minutes are practically pointless. Then for the remainder of the film, it's just more of nothing until the final 2 minutes of the film. I know I'm being pretty vague with my review, but this whole film is vague, mundane, and really quite frustrating! The atmosphere is of note, but not even that, the cinematography, or the performances make it any easier to sit through.

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