Pickman's Model

Pickman's Model ★★★★

A slow-burn descent into the fiery depths of hell, where the catacombs of fear have been unleashed on the mind of a once promising artist, "Pickman's Model" is a near pitch perfect analogy of the "tortured artist," encased in a moody shell of cosmic horror.

What if the horror stories we love, didn't actually come from somebody's imagination, but instead from the observation of things invisible to most? That's what this wonderfully warped 5th installment of Del Toro's collection of horrors wants you to sit and ponder over. The more thought that goes into believing such things are real, the more likely you'll be to fall prey to insanity. Or is insanity an artistic veil that's hidden from the sane? The more I think about it... the unknown, the more I feel like I'm losing a grip on reality.

Ghastly sound effects, haunting imagery, and Crispin Glover's eerie performance create an intense fever dream atmosphere rife with dread and misery. The short film patiently builds to a climax of wildly disturbing levels. Ben Barnes is almighty fine. This is another successful entry, and it's without a doubt, Keith Thomas' best work to date!


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