Together Together

Together Together ★★★★

Many people in this world are alone but not necessarily lonely, or atleast they believe so, and some have come to terms with the feeling, while some are tormented by it, it's only until that completely unexpected person enters your life and a connection ignites, that the true depths of your past - and/or current - torment dawn upon you. Connections are forged and tested every day on numerous occasions, and whenever the other half of your connection happens to miraculously appear, it's not always thanks to some prestine "relationship goals" intervention. Some can be messy chance encounters, and some can be complicated. "Together Together," is a film that takes a story of connection, loneliness and coping, and encompasses it in a heartfelt, funny, emotional, compassionate and original tale about surrogacy.

The story follows a young loner in her mid twenties, who becomes a surrogate for a single middle-aged man who is at the point in his life where he wants a child. Both are alone, and deep down, pretty darn lonely, but during the pregnancy they begin to form an unexpected relationship that challenges the boundaries of surrogacy, their perceptions of connection, and the particulars of love.

The film is filled with little authentic human moments like awkward encounters whilst at work, conversations, visits to the doctors for ultrasound appointments, and the pressures from family when having a child. And we see the pov and affects of the experience from both sides, both the young surrogate, and the middle aged father to be, and every little moment shared between the two will either make you laugh, or cry, sometimes even both, proper ugly like.

Ed Helms is absolutely charming, and his performance here warms the heart, as well as making you laugh out loud with a more repressed comedic approach, focusing more on the nuances faced in this process. Patti Harrison, also know mostly known for her comedic chops tackles the most serious role in her filmography to date, and she's remarkable, but what makes their individual performances that much greater is the chemistry and growth between the two characters/actors. The film has a genuine indie feel to the aesthetic and it's beautifully shot. Writer/director Nikole Beckwith makes a statement with her second feature and a fan out of me! What a wonderful surprise this was, instantly going down as of one of my favourite films of 2021! Must see!

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