A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★

The first A Quiet Place was quite the polarizing film for many people and a not so good film for others. Either way it made a huge impact and personally I’m on the side of liking it because I thought it was a really well done film despite having a few issues with it. I’ve been anticipating this sequel forever obviously since it was one of the first films to be delayed due to COVID and it was infuriating since it was highly anticipated for me. After the cliffhanger ending from the first film I was ready to see how the story could continue because I wasn’t sure where it would go to be honest and I was cautiously optimistic after an extremely long wait since I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype but I was still really excited for it. 

This sequel opened in a big way with the first day the creatures came to Earth and starting to wreak havoc on the planet. This was intense and done very well because we got to see the last glimmer of normal life before they arrived and seeing how our family interacted before. The only issue I kind of had with this was that I wish we could’ve learned more about where exactly they came from and why they’re here. I don’t know if that’s left up to interpretation or meant to be left a mystery but it’s something I’m interested in personally. The monsters too have a great design too and I think they’re just fascinating creatures honestly which is why I want to know a little more. However the film literally picks right up where the first film left off with Emily Blunt and her children on the move to get away from the creatures. I really liked how Millicent Simmonds (the daughter) was trying to carry on what John Krasinski’s character started and wanting to continue his path to destroying these creatures now that their weaknesses have been exposed and in a way I believe she kind of feels guilty for her father’s death so she’s more determined because of this. Of course her performance is still great just like from the first film and her character is evolving since she is much more in the central focus in this film as opposed to the first film so that was a welcome surprise. Emily Blunt is still very much in this film though and she is just as great here even with being separated from the kids and the new baby at various times during the film but she is still a powerhouse here. Noah Jupe is good too but man his character is stupid in this film. He immediately gets caught in a bear trap and that pretty much ruins everything. Not to mention he goes out of the hiding spot for literally no reason and almost gets killed because of that so that was kind of dumb. The new baby is causing problems for the family due to needing oxygen tanks to survive in this world so you’re worried for the baby the whole time and that added tension. What was also fascinating was how they ran into Cillian Murphy on their journey and he and Simmonds set off to finish Krasinski’s work with some interesting encounters with good and bad people in this post apocalyptic world. Once again I just can’t praise the sound design enough because it’s still great just like the first film and it once again lead to some great tension building in this film that was very effective since the journey is a little bit more intense this time around due to the family being on the move. Djimon Hounsou makes an appearance in this too and his character is extremely stupid as far as decision making goes. The film definitely gets to a good climax by the end of the film too and I thought that it was a good setup for a finale that’ll hopefully deliver. It really seems like this whole series could hold up. 

Conclusion: Are there still logic issues? Yes but honestly I thought this film was on the same level as the first one and I really enjoyed it once again. I thought everyone did a great job with acting again and it still built up tension really well. A very solid follow up and I’m ready for the third one when that is brought to us. If you liked the first film then you’ll probably like this one too and the same can be said for people who didn’t like the first one because they probably won’t like this either. Still though I think you should check it out especially for a major release during COVID. 


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