Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★

This film was one that I wasn’t expecting to get nominated for best picture as it was the only one I hadn’t seen before nominations were announced. With that being said, I thought that the idea for the film sounded similar to other road drama movies before and the long runtime was definitely something I was speculative about. However it was still one that I needed to see to finish the nominees so I didn’t really have many expectations for it. 

The dialogue in this film was actually great. It was a very well written screenplay as we see our main character have many deep conversations with not just his driver, but the people he cast in the play he wants so desperately to work. After becoming a widow, our main character talks about his wife a lot to the characters in the film and the dialogue for these conversations was very well done. The connection shared between him and the driver assigned to him was very touching and we see how both of them end up having a major impact on each other’s lives because they spend so much time in the car together. A lot of this movie is not surprisingly spent driving and we just get to listen to these deep conversations affecting both of these characters and it’s quite fascinating. This is especially true when the main character has to spend time with one of his actors and we find out about his troubled past and even his infatuation with the main character’s wife so you can definitely feel the tension as we just hold on them for so long not being able to go anywhere in a car. All of the stuff done with the play too was done pretty well as it seems to be the only thing keeping our main character going in life as he rehearsed lines all the time in the car as well as tapes of his late wife too. This film definitely had some deep messages and themes and it will hit hard for a lot of people. This film was very long too and I personally didn’t think it needed to be. It felt like the film added a lot of scenes near the end that I felt could’ve been cut out because it definitely does drag by the time the third act comes around. I think it could’ve had a bigger impact if it was shorter because the ending actually was well done but it could’ve been so much better if the film didn’t feel so bloated because this could’ve used a minimum of a 40 minute shave off of time. It’s a shame too as this is heavily theme driven but it ends up falling flat by the end especially after a very solid first two acts. The acting was very strong from everyone too but it just ended up being just an okay film by the end that I probably won’t end up remembering when it comes to the third act. 

Conclusion: This film could’ve been a lot better but it was still a decent. Way too long though as it could’ve been more impactful with a shorter runtime. I did like this but it’s not one I could sit through again as it ended up being a chore. A good but not great film overall honestly. 


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