Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

This movie was a highly anticipated one for me. Taika Waititi is a great directorwho I’m a fan of and I knew this film was his passion. The trailers I knew would raise a few eyebrows even though I could tell it wasn’t representing the actual film. I knew I needed to see this film soon because literally everyone was talking about it. 

Those trailers are so misleading. They don’t represent the real product whatsoever. Still though how is this one of the most lighthearted movies of the year? The film just had an all around pleasant feel and just a great energy to it. The humor in this movie shouldn’t work but my god it does. I was having a blast and laughing a large majority of the movie. Acting wise this movie was pretty solid all around. The child performances from JoJo and from the other children were pretty solid. Scarlett Johanson was very good as Jojo’s mother and Sam Rockwell was great like he always is. Even Rebel Wilson managed to get a laugh out of me too. Taika Waititi was the scene stealer every time he appeared on screen and was easily the funniest parts of the movie. Some people are going to think that this movie is saying that what the Nazis did was okay but that is complete bullshit because that’s not what the film is saying at all. Taika Waititi’s Hitler is funny because it is how a 10 year old sees Hitler and it’s what he thinks is okay. It’s not how the rest of the world sees Hitler and it’s not saying he was a good man. The only way I see why people think this is because they walk out before the 30 minute mark. The relationship that JoJo formed with Elsa was very compelling and touching by the end. It just felt nice to see JoJo come such a long way. Another thing to address was how the film is so funny for a majority of it but then it just brings reality crashing down on you. It goes from funny to serious so fast but it was a well done tone shift overall. Sometimes these sudden tone shifts don’t work but here it was pretty solid. I thought they were actually well done. What really makes the film work is that it’s from the perspective of a 10 year old. Taika Waititi is funny as Hitler because it what a 10 year old thinks he’s like. It’s not what the rest of the world thinks Hitler is like. The directing was very nice and it had a nice look as well keeping with the film’s upbeat tone. It’s not really satire so much as a different look on things. It’s not perfect though. I would say the film dragged a little bit in the middle even though the rest of the film was very well paced and I wasn’t really bored that much aside from the middle. There was one thing that happened between JoJo and Elsa at the end that really bothered me. I won’t ruin it here, but it was something that just really bothered me because it felt so unnecessary. 

Conclusion: This is a very solid and funny movie. I really hope it goes all the way because it was a joy. This is one a lot of people should see. 

P.S: The kid drop kicking Hitler is my new aesthetic. 


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