Lamb ★★★★

I mean it’s an A24 horror film so of course I knew that it would have some sort of quality in it. When I saw the idea for this film and the very bizarre trailer, I knew I would be in for a trip. The idea of raising an animal as a child isn’t exactly a new idea but this film looked like it was on another level with this idea. I was getting heavily reminded of Midsommar and even The Lighthouse a bit and if this film was anything like those two, I knew it would be a trip. 

Being an A24 horror film, you knew that the film would probably have some beautiful shots and scenery. This film is no exception because the beautiful shots of Iceland were beautiful and the film just had great cinematography overall. The visuals here were all great and it really set the tone for a seemingly quiet but secretly horrifying tale. While this idea of raising an animal like a child has been done before, this film throws in the idea of grief and how it makes people act incredibly bizarre and strange. That’s exactly what the couple is doing here because they’re in denial and so they’ve turned to raising this lamb hybrid thing. You can feel the grief but also see that these two are kind of crazy for doing this, even turning to taking out the mother so that they can have Ada to themselves. Ada is equal parts horrifying and adorable at the same time. This is mainly due to how well the animation is for her facial expressions and how expressive she is throughout the film. You can see every emotion this thing feels and you feel sorry for her despite her horrifying hybrid nature and this is mainly because she isn’t even the most horrifying thing in the film. Seeing her bond with these people and do ordinary things couldn’t help but make your eyes be glued to the screen because of the strangeness of the whole situation. When the uncle shows up and actually ends up warming up to and bond with Ada, it makes it even more strange since it’s like Ada got him in a trance or something despite being innocent. When Ada and the uncle do spend time together, it’s genuinely kind of heartwarming in a strange and messed up way but you end up developing so much sympathy for poor Ada for everything she has to go through. You also realize the uncle isn’t the best person and one of the best parts of the film was actually when the wife actually pushed him off her and locked him in a closet. I don’t know why but that was just kind of hilarious to me. Once we actually do get to the end of the film, it is definitely one of the most WTF moments you’ll see all year and also kind of funny too because of how visually strange it is. It’s also another thing that Ada has to go through so once again this film makes you feel so much for this Lamb child. My only real complaint with this film is that it was a little too short in my opinion. I honestly could’ve seen a lot more of the family spending more time with Ada and not have been upset about it. On the other hand though that might’ve dragged the movie out and this was kind of a to the point film so that might’ve been the idea to keep it short and simple so it worked in that regard because the ending just happens and you may or may not have seen it coming because it’s such a weird moment and might be the strangest you’ll see all year. We’ve come to expect that from A24 though so it did its job because it left me with a bunch of questions and left me wondering what I just watched in typical A24 fashion which is always what I want from them. 

Conclusion: If you’re an A24 horror fan, this will probably be right up your alley. If you’re not into strange and bizarre films like this though, you’ll probably hate it. As for me though I thought this film was excellent and succeeded in the very strange and bizarre category with the hybrid lamb being such an adorable terrifying creature. Definitely a strange one but one that I thought was brilliant in capturing grief and the behaviors it makes people display. I think you should check this out though especially for the ending because I need to know what people thought of that because I thought it was incredible. 


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