Lightyear ★★★

Toy Story is what put Pixar on the map to begin with along with being associated with Disney obviously. Some will say we’ve had too many Toy Story movies and I definitely understand why because we have had 4 of them so it’s easily the most milked franchise from Pixar. When I found out we were getting a prequel for Buzz Lightyear, I was very speculative especially with Tim Allen not returning and being replaced by Chris Evans. However I was definitely curious to see the in universe movie that inspired Andy to get the toy to begin with and it actually looked pretty interesting based on what I was seeing. I also knew this film had a certain controversy so I knew I had to see it for that reason too. 

I don’t really need to say much about the animation because Pixar animation is always done really well. I do think Chris Evans did a decent job with this version of the character’s voice. It’s just hard to replace Tim Allen’s iconic voice for this character. Putting that aside, Evans still put his all into this voice to make the character come to life again. I really liked how the movie began too with the concept of Buzz being similar to Captain America which is obvious irony considering who voices him. I liked how every time he tried to fly into his desired speed, time passes a few years and how we watch his fellow space rangers go through different phases of their lives. This is also where the controversy comes in and it’s extremely unwarranted. I won’t go into detail because it’s not worth it but it’s extremely idiotic that this film got hate for this reason. With that being said, there are other things that hold this film back from being great though. We see Buzz find a team of space rangers in training and none of them are really interesting and I’d say pretty annoying too. One of them is granddaughter of Buzz’s partner in the beginning and it’s the whole thing of I’m not as good as her and I’ll never be her trying to prove herself to Buzz. One of them is an old lady with a criminal history who’s kind of entertaining I guess but very rarely. There’s also the other dorky guy who drags the film down every time he’s on screen and by the end I just wanted him to die so that the team would be better off. You want to talk about stealing the show, that’s what Sox the robot cat does. This little guy is entertaining and funny nearly every time he’s on screen and he actually has great chemistry with Buzz and they work well off of each other so well that it makes me wonder why Sox toys weren’t the big seller for Andy’s age group instead of Buzz because I feel like those would’ve sold more. The film was honestly pretty lacking in the space action that you’d expect from a Buzz Lightyear movie and instead feels more like a generic character study that happens to be set in space. We do get an appearance from Zerg though and his design in this movie is so good and maybe the only thing improved from the Toy Story movies. There’s also a twist involving Zerg and while it retcons the Toy Story lore, I actually kind of liked what they did with it. It was actually kind of a creative twist for this story and even though it sets up a sequel in a very lazy way, I still thought it was one of the highlights of the film. This definitely made up for a lot of filler that this movie gave us because so much of the interactions with the team feel like filler for the runtime. 

Conclusion: This film was pretty disappointing in many ways. It had a great beginning and a great ending but the middle is definitely some of Pixar’s weakest work in awhile and it has some of its weakest new characters we’ve seen in awhile besides Sox because he’s a gem. This film could’ve been so much more but instead it felt very standard and was very low tier Pixar for me. I don’t see why Andy loved this movie enough to get a Buzz Lightyear toy to be honest. This tried to set up a sequel and even though I doubt it’ll happen because it underperformed, it needs to improve. I did enjoy parts of this film but it was just nothing spectacular at all. 


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