Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

After Endgame, I was curious to see where the MCU could even go from there. When I knew Spider Man was next, I was unsure how to feel about this. 

This was actually a good follow up to Endgame. The film tries to be really funny and occasionally it will succeed and sometimes it’s quite painful. The stuff with all of the kids in Peter’s class got kind of annoying after awhile but it wasn’t as bad as you think. Tom Holland was great once again as Spider Man and he brings his charm to the geeky character once again. He just embodies everything about Spider Man to me and he plays the role so well. I did like MJ in this version though because for one thing she’s not a complete dumbass and I think that Zendaya actually does a good job portraying this character as well as having good chemistry with Tom Holland. The weird relationship between Happy and Aunt May got a few laughs despite how strange it was and how it’s not in the film for that long but it was kind of amusing. Nick Fury returns in this film and he’s as great as ever trying to find Spider Man to help him become the next Iron Man. There’s some cool suits as well that you get to see him try out and I thought they all looked pretty good. This movie definitely mourns a certain death a lot and while some might see it as shoving the mourning down our throats, I actually thought that it was nice. That is aside from one scene in the beginning where they ruin it with a stupid school news story (which by the way is perfectly accurate for an actual High School because it was very annoying). Mysterio is a great character in my opinion. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job bringing Mysterio to life here abd turns in a pretty good performance. Mysterio’s outfit, while ridiculous, actually looked pretty cool and I liked seeing it here. I thought he was actually a cool character all around. There are some really cool visuals towards the end of the movie and I thought they looked wonderful and were very effective for Spider Man’s character. That might not make sense here but you have to see the movie to understand. There are twists in this movie too. One twist is incredibly obvious so you should be able to figure it out. The other twist you probably won’t be able to figure out as easily so it’ll make sense when you see it. As for if they were well done or not, I did think they were well done. I will say that I thought the climax of the film did drag on and could’ve been shorter because it was a dragged on finale. There are certain other scenes that drag too and they do slow the film down. My other complaint is that the effects of Endgame aren’t really felt here and other than mourning that death, the world is completely normal again. That might seem like a nitpick but I thought it was a little bothersome. These aren’t huge criticisms but it brought my rating down a little. 

Conclusion: Overall this was a good entry in the MCU and I thought for what it was, it was well done. It’s definitely not the best one but it’s a fun watch overall. Check it out if you’re invested in this universe. 


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