David has written 6 reviews for films rated during 2020.

  • Dolittle


    Dolittle is awful and honestly one of the worst family films I've seen in quite some time. It wastes an outrageously good cast and talent with such a confused and uninspired direction along with a script that is tonally all over the place. Themes about coping with death clash with fart jokes, and the film can never seem to decide who the target audience is. Robert Downey Jr is giving a laughably bad performance here and pretty much all of…

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

    I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

    This movie was absolutely terrible. It meant well but the film is incredibly unfunny, overlong, and offensive. While I'm not gay and can't directly speak for anyone who is, I found the film to be in poor taste and overly sexual. Nearly every female character is reduced down to a sex object, the main characters are fairly unlikable, and this film poorly represents the gay community. There isn't really a good way to describe it, but it just felt very…

  • Capone


    Capone is a complete mess of a film that has very great ambitions and ideas, but very rarely succeeds to bring them to life in a way that feels human and relatable. The entirety of the film is watching the shell of a once powerful man, and while that idea is great in principle, it's pretty atrocious in execution. The film tends to make fun of Capone's condition, and instead of diving into the man he once was verses who…

  • Black Venus

    Black Venus

    Every scene in this film dragged on for so freaking long, I could probably summarize the entire movie in one or two sentences lol. Like, I understand having longer scenes because it's important to flesh out a moment and make it feel real. But there's a difference between that and making each scene feel like a college lecture for fifteen minutes. This movie is nearly THREE hours long, and I felt every minute of it. To be fair, the actors are trying and they do an alright job, but they don't make up for predictable storytelling and absurdly long scenes.

    Rating: D

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island is horrible. Very little about the film works, and what does is mainly just some cool concepts, most of which aren't even original to this movie. There are a few ideas that could have worked if the film had an actual direction and writing that felt like it was written by professionals, but unfortunately that's not the case here. So many aspects of the film are poorly handled, and it just gets worse as it goes on. The…

  • Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II

    This movie is BAD. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are good again, but man, this story is horrible. It's boring, way too long (clocking in at an unbelievably slow 2.5 hours), and has so much unfunny dialogue that I don't think I genuinely laughed more than two or three times. The villain is also atrocious and gets far too much screentime. Additionally, the action and editing are so incoherent that it makes what should be fun scenes frustrating to watch.…