Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★½

Ranked 16th on the Best of 2013 (So far)...

"Bikini's and big booties - that's what it's all about." - Alien

The best part of this film was when Selena Gomez's character, Faith, went home. Is it just me, or is she really annoying? I just finished watching Spring Breakers and I'm really not sure how I feel about this one just yet.

It is hard to review this film, as I had mixed feelings while watching the movie. There were moments when I hated the film and moments where I thought it was brilliant. A hodgepodge of emotions were evoked. I do have to say that the film grew on me as I watched, and as I mentioned, once Gomez's character Faith was out of the picture, the film worked much better.

Is Spring Breakers deliberately stupid and asinine? Could this film be a satirical spin on Where the Boys are? I believe this to be the case on both accounts, which leads to my mixed feeling about the film.

James Franco's performance was, at times, brilliant, and he helped to elevate this film with his glittering persona. Or was it his teeth that were glittering? I forget. No other performance really stands out.

Writer/director Harmony Korine has a knack for ending on a high note, and this film did just that as well. The last 15 minutes were best in the film by a mile. The film definitely hits several highs, but it hits a few lows as well. While there are some 5 star moments in this film, the several one star moments as well. For this reason, I give it a rather average rating, even though the film is far from average.

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