Together Together

Together Together ★★★★

“How do you expect me to remember this for like 12 years.”

“How embarrassing was that?”

“I’m pretty embarrassed.”

“Then you’ll remember it forever.”

This was a breath of fresh air. Two strangers joined up in this surrogate pregnancy and form a unique platonic friendship. Patti Harrison and Ed Helms both knocked it out of the park performance wise in this down to earth comedy. I’m impressed by Nikole Beckwith’s writing and directing. The amount of depth in these characters is something we don’t get that often. The score was great as well and in the third act really drives some of the emotion within the story.

I was a bit disappointed in how abrupt and open ended the ending is. It left me wanting closure and to know where everyone goes from here on out.

Overall very enjoyable! I recommend making time to see this film.

P.S. my theater had a pretty cool prerecorded Q & A between the leads and the director after the credits rolled.

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