Nomadland ★★★★★

“Nomadland” is cinematic artistry at its most poetic, meditative, and effectively intimate, but all in all profoundly beautiful to behold. Director Chloé Zhao is on a whole other level in channeling her naturalistic, auteur-driven vision to the screen whilst crafting an emotionally resonant, strikingly shot, and deeply thoughtful portrait of a slice of American life that has yet to be captured on film but presented here with such authenticity and grounded realism. But at the front of it all, it also presents a moving character study of Fern, brought to life with yet another stunning lead performance from Frances McDormand, whose human journey throughout is told in ways that are equal parts subtle, nuanced, and completely observant on behalf of the viewer. It all only culminates together in this wholly unique, immersive, and meaningful cinematic experience unlike any other that encompasses a vast amount of emotions from beginning to end, making for one of the few movies in recent memory that made me wish to be further wrapped up in it by the time it was over. It’s simply put a purely special film that I’m sure I will never forget for years to come.

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