Captain Marvel ★★★★

Captain Marvel. This was a very good movie. I enjoyed it. the tribute to Stan Lee was fantastic. The introduction to MCU Carol Danvers, and they did a pretty good job with it. Brie Larson gave off a very good performance as the character. The best scenes in this movie are with her and Nick Fury. Though I did enjoy some scenes with Carol and Maria Rambeau, I enjoyed Carol’s friendship with her daughter much more. The Skrulls are pretty cool, and Ben Mendelsohn gave a good performance as Talos. And I look forward to seeing Carol again in endgame. The de aging on Samuel Jackson looked fantastic. Looked pretty good on Clark Gregg too. The negatives I have are that this movie doesn’t really take any creative risks, but it’s entertaining. The pacing was a bit off in the first act, but as soon as this movie gets to earth, it gets going. And the 3rd act did need some work. I would have changed some things. Can’t say what those things are cause spoilers. But despite some issues I had with it, I enjoyed this film. I give it 8/10