Midsommar ★★★★★

So you wanna break up with your boyfriend and enjoy the beauty of Pagan rituals for the price of a movie ticket? Then "Midsommar" is the film for you.
Ari Aster in ways has out done himself with his second venture into the horror genre. Oddly enough this film is not scarier than "Hereditary." It has a terrifying first 30 minutes that play on human fears as the set up for the following 2 hours which play like a drama. In a way the story is cathartic for the dread of our protagonist that we the audience carry with us after the first half hour. We get an intimate look into rituals that will have you think more than hide your eyes. Now my body does hurt because I was tense the entire 147 minutes with anticipation for what would come next.
I can tell that so much love and care was put into this entire production. The sets were hand built with detailed art covering every wall. The cinematography was shot beautifully in natural sunlight and colored to look like old Technicolor films. Bobby Krlic's score is enough to give anyone an anxiety attack. Most importantly Florence Pugh proves that she is an actress who can lead a film. She is simply incredible and no one can deny it. Seriously everything about this movie is expertly done I'm tempted to call it a "Perfect" movie.
Though I will not have the same nightmares that I did with "Hereditary" I can't get "Midsommar" out of my mind. But it's not the terrifying images that have stuck with me but the positive ones. I did not leave with horrifying dread but instead an optimistic attitude. I feel like I experienced a moving piece of art. I can't wait to see it again which is something I definitely did not say about "Hereditary."

P.S. It was said there was a 3 hour and 45 minute cut of this film and I got more excited than I should have.

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