tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★

Every High School Theater kid knows the tragic story of Jonathan Larson and the legacy he created. "Tick, Tick... Boom" tackles his story with book and music Larson wrote years before his death. It not only captures the creative process but tells a story that pulls at the heart strings. It may very well be the best musical adaptation of 2021.
It's success comes down to 3 important things. First being Lin Manuel Miranda's direction. He maybe one of the most talented theater artists alive but his ability to direct a film was never a sure bet. But the nuances and moments of electric energy cements another brick into his wall of talent. The second piece to this puzzle was a solid screenplay from Steven Levenson. Again this was not a sure thing because Levenson dropped the ball of his own adaptation of "Dear Evan Hansen" mere months ago. But he adapts the screenplay so well and it doesn't feel like a stage play filmed for theaters.
The third and most important thing the movie does right is casting Andrew Garfield as Larson. It is his best performance. You just have to watch it to see how brilliant he is. Amazing he went from such odd character choices in "Eye's of Tammy Faye" to the most confident decisions in this. He is a sight to behold.

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