Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces ★★★★

Admittedly, going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. An episodic boring mess from the cutting room floor or simply a series of semi-interesting surreal scenes? And 90 minutes... is that really going to be worth it? 

And yes. Very much so. Reading a bit about Fire Walk with Me it seems like they had to cut it down to a certain length. Lynch might still love his original cut, but that’s perhaps also because he knows the story. And knowing the story the movie works just fine on its own I take it. 

But now, watching The Missing Pieces, I’m surprised to learn how they are in fact the missing pieces. I would say this counterpart is crucial to watch - not just for a Lynch fan - but for anybody deciding to watch Fire Walk with Me. Looking back at that movie now, it’s seems like an incomplete mish-mash of highlights... and that’s saying something when The Missing Pieces basically is that - or at least should be. 

But in reality, it’s a “movie” that helps fill in all the gaps. It kind of completes the film. I kept being surprised throughout watching this every time I saw a new scene or an extended cut of a scene. Lots of it felt so important. And it made me realize just how confused I was sometimes during the Fire merely because Lynch had put in a scene without a start/end. And even some of the surreal stuff was better too. 

Next time I see Fire Walk with Me I’ll seek out the 3.5 hour fan cut, merging the two. Because this is essential viewing in my opinion. As you can see by my rating of the two “movies”, I liked this more than the original movie! Which is damn weird. But then again, this rating is perhaps also partly about the first movie - because now I feel like I have a more complete story. 

Anyways, with all that... it’s finally time... for SEASON 3.

I’m so fucking pumped!