Nope ★★★½

It's very difficult to summarise or put into words how I feel about Nope. On the one hand, I admire Jordan Peele's weird imagination and how the film takes things slow and makes a done to death genre with a unique spin and imbibing his own flavor into it, on the other hand, that weird imagination also made me say "I have no idea how to feel about this scene / tone / character".

There were some genuinely gripping moments of tension and one or two instances did make you feel a bit worried to look up at clouds, but it never hit the mark completely and feels like it completely forgot about the "horror" aspect of things. While the music was generic horror stuff, the cinematography was quite good and plays a crucial part to the story and adding the suspense, considering its a film where you'd need to capture both what's happening in the sky and how are the characters below on ground being impacted by it.

Is the movie worth the immense hype here so much so that one of the top reviews here says "this did to clouds what Jaws did to swimming"?


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