Alright. It’s time I explain why this is such an awful film.
This made me truly terrified for the future of this franchise. I have loved the MCU so much for so many years now. The Infinity Saga is the greatest thing in film (not sorry) and I will always love those 23 movies as a whole. But now with Eternals out I am dreading the next time we see these characters. They have the potential to ruin everything the MCU has built up.

First of all, I hate how everything Marvel does now has to be bigger than the previous thing. The franchise started out with Iron Man as a great hero in a basic world, but now everything Marvel does makes the world bigger and nothing is special anymore. Endgame seemed like it was the biggest it could get but Loki made it feel like nothing else mattered except what happens at the TVA because the world we know only exists because of the TVA. And then the Eternals and Celestials come and say “Step aside! we created the entire universe! The Avengers mean nothing compared to what we’ve done!”

But somehow even though the Eternals are now the most important heroes in the franchise, nothing about them was slightly impressive or special. The regular humans in the film don’t even seem surprised that these Eternals exist which just takes all the magic out of the characters. What the MCU needs is NOT MORE HEROES, but more normal humans reacting to the insane things happening to what was once just a normal world without any knowledge of heroes existing. Eternals took it all too far and it’s not the MCU I love anymore. This is a totally different world, now that the Eternals are introduced, and I really do hate it.

This film also very clearly wanted to have a diversity party to shove down everyone’s throats. This is what it felt like watching Eternals: “HEY HEY LOOK GUYS WE HAVE WHITE PEOPLE AND HEY LOOK WE HAVE ASIAN PEOPLE AND AND BLACK PEOPLE AND GAY PEOPLE AND DEAF PEOPLE LOOK AT HOW DIVERSE OUR CAST IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And guess who the villain is?Its the white male I mean who would’ve guessed right? I can’t blame them because white males are just the worst but uhhhhhhh yeah. It’s a really tedious film to get through.

Overall I’m just pretty shocked that Kevin Feige let this disaster happen and I’m sad that the MCU  couldn’t stay good for just a little while longer. 

I’m just going to pretend Endgame was the end of the franchise.

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