Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

Michelle Yeoh kicks all kinds of ass in this genre-bending cosmic unravelling adventure story that not only is filled to the brim with stunning visual moments but, at its heart, has one of the strongest core messages to appear in the cinema in quite some time.

The breakneck pace of this script is truly amazing, with some of the most original action set-pieces ever produced as reality is allowed to twist and turn on a whim, add to that it's also an incredibly funny film that had me bursting out in laughter multiple times.

Of course, Michelle Yeoh is the anchor of the film, as she is allowed to showcase her wide range of talents, from her fine martial art skills to her deft hand at both comedy and drama, and then there is the breakout performance from Stephanie Hsu who is able to literally stand toe-to-toe with Michelle Yeoh, and that is no mean feat.

Basically, this film is one of the most engaging and original films I've seen in quite some time, and the overall experiences is "Mindblow!

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