Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

The key problem with David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills is an inability to make us care one iota for any of the characters with everyone acting like complete nutcases, with Jamie Lee Curtis going further down the rabbit hole of madness but this time out achieving nothing, and the inclusion of random lynch mobs who are so beyond incompetent we practically cheer for their deaths.

It's clear that Green was trying to achieve some sort of "Who are the real monsters here?" with the film's mob mentality but it comes off as more a low rent version of The Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" than anything original and is completely undercut by every character being two-dimensional morons who simply line up to be slaughtered by Michael Myers. The kills themselves aren't all that interesting and all I can do is picture Danny McBride asking "Has Michael Myers ever killed anybody before with a fluorescent tube?" This film is creatively bankrupt from the opening scene to the closing credits with only a few nods to the original tossed in as rancid meat for the older fans. "Hey, did you notice those masks from Halloween III: Season of the Witch, wasn't that cool?"

The only moments I found even mildly interesting were the flashbacks to Halloween night 1978 and the events immediately following the original film, which here was handled a little better than what we got in Halloween II, but not by much. Of course, what really harms the film is the knowledge that a direct sequel called Halloween Ends is already in the works making pretty much all the events in this film bloody pointless.

In conclusion, this sequel was even more shallow and pointless than the 2018 film was and the inclusion of more characters from the original film did not help elevate the proceedings. If you love seeing Dwarnism at work this is the film for you, if not, avoid at all costs.

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